Things to see and do

Known as ‘Friendly Heart of the Great North West’, Cloncurry sits on the junction of the Landsborough Highway (Matilda Way) and Flinders/Barkly Highway (Overlander’s Way), nestled on the banks of the Cloncurry River. Cloncurry is situated on the Overlander’s Way 770km west of Townsville and 119km east of Mount Isa. The Barkly Highway is a sealed, double lane highway accessible to all vehicles during the dry season.

Mary Kathleen Park with ample parking, a covered BBQ area and a children’s playground in shaded parklands. Stretch your legs and go for a short walk up to the lookout, past the unique water feature and take in the stunning panoramic view of Cloncurry and the surrounding rugged landscape. Then stroll around the outdoor mining and farming equipment displays. A feature of these displays is the 1941 Ford V8 Rail Ambulance. This was used when the roads were impassable and were first commissioned back in 1956 and operated until 1971. This historic vehicle is proudly part of the railway collection located in the park.

Unearthed Museum and Visitor Information Centre is also located in the Mary Kathleen park area. It houses a unique collection of memorabilia from the now deserted town of Mary Kathleen. Take a step back in time with historical collections, photographs, Indigenous artifacts and one of Australia’s most comprehensive gem and mineral collections.

Chinaman Creek Dam is a lovely area to watch the changing colours of Mt Leviathan at sunset, stretch your legs wandering the edge of the water or enjoy a picnic.

Cloncurry Lookout, on the drive to the Chinaman Creek Dam, provides another fantastic panoramic view of the township and the Cloncurry River. There is also a water tank at the lookout, painted by the talented 'Zookeeper'.

Visit the Burke & Wills Memorial 43km west of Cloncurry on the bank of the Corella River. Burke and Wills passed through the area in 1861 on their expedition from Melbourne to the Gulf.

John Flynn Place Museum and Art Gallery celebrate the visionary bush clergyman John Flynn and the innovations in flight and communications pioneered through to the creation of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The service was launched in Cloncurry in 1928. The museum pays homage to this crucial part of outback life and the pioneers who had a vision for the service. Wander the museum and enjoy stories, photographs, and memorabilia. View the artworks on display in the Fred McKay Art Gallery. Cloncurry has enjoyed a multicultural past.

Clem Walton Park is a picturesque spot located just 57km west of Cloncurry, just off the Barkly Highway. The spot provides a recreation and camping area along the banks of the Corella Dam.